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When it comes to creating the right impression, the design of your website plays an important role in communicating your brand and keeping customers on-site. A professional look and feel has a big impact on customer enagement and trust and a website is the perfect way to communicate with customers in a digital world.


In today's mobile world where people can visit your website via their smartphone or tablet pc your website needs to be accessible on multiple devices, not just from traditional desktop PCs. All Tellus Hub websites both front and backend are built using responsive design best practice, providing visitors with the best possible experience - and as far as possible a unified look - across devices.

  • Admin panel

    Powerful admin panel which controls the entire activities happening in the site, Full administrator controls over order processing

  • Manage Customers

    All the details about the Customer can be managed by admin easily with options to add and edit along with status information. This list can be used for sending bulk mails.

  • Manage Products

    All the details about the Products can be managed by admin easily with options to add and edit along with status information.

  • Order Processing

    Customer purchases a product. Admin has already set the shipping price and shipping gateways which helps to have smooth order processing.

  • Edit - Manage Product descriptions

    Detailed description, product summary, attributes etc., can be added, edited, deleted or blocked by the admin.

  • International Business

    Support for custom rules by country or locality, such as additional household data or reduced user information for specific countries.

  • Payment gateway integration

    Payment gateways such as Paypal, Payza, ACH, iPayout,, and Etransact any other additional payment gateway integration at a nominal cost.

  • Print Invoice

    Once the customer checks out and process the payment, automatically the invoice is generated in the Admin back end. These invoices can be printed in just one click.

  • View Order Status

    Email Notifications can be sent to customers about the shipping gateways and the date of delivery through one click.

  • Flexible Search Option

    Search text box are available to search for particular customer, product etc.

The key to a successful website design is an in-depth understanding of the target audience and how they will interact with and respond to your website. Increased conversion rates rely on engaging a visitor instantly, holding their attention, and encouraging them to do business with you. We develop dynamic, cost effective, and easy to use websites for companies around the globe.

Our experts meet with you to discuss your business and we craft the RIGHT plan that meets your needs with precision. We LISTEN to you carefully and always choose the best strategy for your long-term success. Yes, we deliver your finished project within 6 weeks...from start to finish!

Tellus Hub has over twenty three years of software development experience and over thirteen years of specific experience in the network marketing industry.
We have been providing high quality product support and custom programming services since day one, resulting in highly satisfied customers and long term client relationships.