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Payments Made Simple

Global Bank Deposit

Pay globally in local currency, direct to bank accounts

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Prepaid Cards

Offer a convenient payment method.

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Mobile Funds Access

Enable convenient mobile funds access, worldwide

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What we Offer

  • Current Balances

    Current balances of all your linked accounts

  • Transaction Histories

    Access to transaction histories for all linked accounts

  • Transfer Transaction

    Place to start a funds transfer transaction

  • Prepaid Cards

    Place to add new prepaid cards to your account

  • Recurring Transfer

    Place to set up a Recurring Transfer

  • Pending Transactions

    A log of Pending Transactions

Why Choose Us

  • Provides an alternative to credit card payments
  • Low-cost processing fees
  • Integrates directly with your e-commerce website

Payments Experience

Global payments experience you can count on

Corporate Payments

Corporate payment solutions for your business, worldwide


Build your affiliate program through global payments

Flexible online tools and personalized service

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We have been providing high quality product support and custom programming services since day one, resulting in highly satisfied customers and long term client relationships.