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Affiliate Management System from Inception to Launch

Cutting edge business management system designed specifically for Affiliate Management operations. It encompasses a vast collection of powerful features for managing sales, commissions, genealogy, customer service and a network spanning the globe. With cloud-based technologies, it provides access to all of a network's information in real time and equips distributors with powerful tools to sell, enroll and excel.

Affiliate programs are growing day by day, Affiliate Management Software plays an important role for successful Affiliate marketing business. Our fully featured Online Affiliate Management Software enables companies to manage and run their direct selling business more effectively towards a successful way.
  • Compensation Plans

    Support for Binary, Unilevel, Party Plan, Stair Step, Australian 2-Up, 2x2 Recycler, and other custom compensation plans.

  • Genealogy Displays

    Real time updates to genealogy. New members appear in their place immediately upon joining. easy to use drill down filters.

  • Email Marketing

    Fully customizable HTML. Any HTML design is possible for your campaigns and autoresponders. System works directly with iContact.

  • Enterprise Level Reporting

    Choose the data you wish to view and set it to automatically email you any changes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Enterprise Security

    Fully encrypted web transactions and data storage, Full tracking of all admin actions, Full tracking of all end user actions.

  • International Business

    Support for custom rules by country or locality, such as additional household data or reduced user information for specific countries.

  • Support Multiple Price Points

    Quickly create product packs with any combination of products and prices, far beyond wholesale and retail.

  • Invoice Support

    Direct tie-in to eCommerce. Custom product promotion, instant re-order, and signup all can be made available via the back office.

  • Full Admin Support

    Feel Empowered with all system admin tools and actions are fully tracked and fully based on configurable privileges.

  • Replicated Websites

    Distributors will have immediate access to begin marketing their replicated site, recruiting other distributors and selling your products and services.

Boost your distributors sales and professional presence with replicated websites that enhance their marketing as individuals and yours as a company. Replicate any website with ease, giving your network the ability to grow in both the digital and physical world. Members can update their replicated websites quickly with ease. You have the option of preloading their enrollment information (Username, Name, Email, and Phone) to make the process even easier. (Optional) Support for multiple distinct websites each set up through the replicated system. (Optional) Allow multiple landing pages for your distributor/member to market the site that bests meets their needs.

Tellus Hub has over twenty three years of software development experience and over thirteen years of specific experience in the network marketing industry.
We have been providing high quality product support and custom programming services since day one, resulting in highly satisfied customers and long term client relationships.